January 23, 2010

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Come on over to my new website & blog!


Have a great day!

January 20, 2010

Spread the Love Tour...and the winner is...ME!

First off I want to say how wonderful it has been networking and reaching out to others. I had been focusing all my attention on something so not photography-related for such a long time, and since finding and discovering what photography has to offer me it's been like a dream. And to make things even better is not only connecting with other photographers through websites, blogs, facebook and twitter but to actually have a chance to meet up with them and have a more personal relationship than just through the web that is so awesome.

And speaking of awesome, enter Kia Gregory. I first saw her post on the [b]school. One of the best sites for photographers out there - mainly catering to wedding photographers but if you have questions or need advice on your photography buisness it's the place to be. Kia had great advice and I realized she was local - and when I say 'local' I mean not in Tennesse or Texas - she lives in Ca.

I have read time and time again about fabulous workshops and gatherings I would just love to attend, but unfortunately being a newbie establishing her business the $ isn't there yet so those workshops will just have to wait...until my friend Kia came up with her fabulous give away, a ticket to the Spread the Love workshop in SF.

The Spread the Love Tour is more than just a photography workshop, as the two founders of the tour (Justine and Mary Marantz) explain, it's more of a life-building workshop.
                       "Spread the Love is not a photography specific workshop. It's a LIFE workshop. So anyone in a service based industry or who works for themselves could attend!! The whole idea is to show you how to build a business that works for you (rather than always the other way around) so you can get back to having a life again. Seriously, when was the last time you felt like you had a life outside of your business? So we focus a lot on building up your business, but we'll also dig into things like building your financial house, taking care of yourself and your relationships with the people you love, and giving back to the bigger picture. It's the feel good movie of the year!!"

And with Kia's giveaway in front of me, I did what any sane person would do - I responded to her post.


I'm just a little excited and can not wait till February 8th rolls around and I can meet Kia (in person), eat some good food in the city, attend what I'm sure is going to be a life-changing workshop and have an all round fabulous day.

Because it's not specifically a 'photography' workshop, I may not have any photos from there, but I will however bring the camera with me into the city - I can not wait to post the pics I take there. I love San Francisco!

January 18, 2010

Children's portraits - on location Fort Bragg, CA

The sun wasn't out, it was rainy and overcast outside...I pulled out my diffuser and went to work anyway!

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