December 26, 2009


We ate dinner yesterday at our good friends house. My friend Kim and her husband David are good people and we enjoy their company just as much as their yummy food! David has recently started doing more photography and showed me a program that he has learned to use. The idea of the program (as simple as I can explain it) is taking several different exposures of the same picture and then combining them using a free down loadable program from this website called

Without actually taken any photos just for this specifically, I did manage to find a nice group of under & over exposed shots of Coronas (playing around with my AV setting on the camera) and then trying to get a decent shot of the flowers my mother in law sent my family for Christmas.

Three photos of the roses combined

Corona - four photos combined

I wish I could be more specific about the settings but I honestly didn't pay much attention when I was taking them, just messing around with the settings on my camera. I'm slowly figuring things out, and plan on purposely taking pictures for this program...then I will make a point to remember what settings I used.


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