January 18, 2010

Children's portraits - on location Fort Bragg, CA

I'm working out some post-processing glitches - but I have managed to get a few through and able to show them off. I'm not using photoshop anymore, just an old standby online editor tools and I don't care for them. I will get photoshop back - and SOON! But until then I am happy with these results. Enjoy!



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Your experience with me will not just be as simple as a 1/2 hours photo shoot - it will be more, it will be a complete experience from beginning to end - it's not just about the photographs (although a very important part of the process!) - it's the star treatment you will get, the attention I will give you and the feeling of happiness I share with you. My goal is not to just take a couple of nice pictures of you and send you on your way, I truly want to give you an experience that you cherish forever and have the photographs to remember it by.

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