December 11, 2009

Tea with the Principal

Here at our Elementary school the kids worship their principal. Today was my youngest daughter's day to celebrate with the principal - 100% homework for the first half of the school year. Not only did my daughter have 100% homework turn in, her whole class had 100%. It's just so exciting to see kids who want to do well. Now if this can just stick through teen years!

Mary K. Our most wonderfully awesome principal!

All the kids used real tea cups & saucers.

 Four best friends waiting patiently...

And in the end it was all worth those nights of "Mom, I forgot my math is due tomorrow!" and "Mom, I know it's bedtime but I still need to read for 20 minutes". Because all that matters is those cute little faces smiling ear to ear when I went around and asked...

1 lump or 2?


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